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COUPLES BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY REASONS FOR DOING THE SESSION :#1 Reason to celebrate boudoir photography with your loved one. Couples boudoir photography is a great way to open up intimacy in your relationship. Boudoir photography is very intimate between couples even on a photo shoot with a team. Couples boudoir photography can capture the feelings between couples in such a beautiful way. COUPLES BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY #2 You can be creative characters In a couples boudoir photography photo shoot. Dress up as characters you love! Show another side of yourself that is hidden, when the angel becomes the vixen or vice versa. It is fun to get dressed up with your other half and think of a theme you love for your couple’s boudoir photography session. You can role play for your boudoir session! Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf anyone? COUPLES BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY #3 Building a Bridge Together,Couples Boudoir photo shoot can build a bridge of fun and add to the enjoyment to your relationship. Time to let go of the day in and day outs. Forget about the friends, co workers and family for a few hours and just enjoy yourself. Like an actor and actress playing your beautiful part during the photo shoot. Couples truly enjoy this time together.COUPLES BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY#4, The KeepSake.Let’s keep it real. Who knows the next time you’re going to look this hot  as a couple. We are all on a one way train with time,   So Take time to yourself and have a boudoir keep sake for the sexy moments in your life. A screen saver of your hot wife or girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé etc. You as a couple, a memory to last a lifetime together.Happily Ever After Couples Boudoir Style!