underwater boudoir photography

underwater boudoir photography

Underwater Boudoir Photography, so magical!

Underwater Boudoir Photography is a very magical .I have to say it is one of my favorites , as a photographer.I truly enjoy the ethereal feeling of floating underwater, taking boudoir photos .When doing underwater boudoir photography, you cannot hear anything at all.It is silent, you the subject and your camera.That it is.It brings peace.Every subject i have photographed, loved the experience and the majestic dream like photography.

Underwater Boudoir Photography there is a process

Underwater Boudoir Photography has a technique to it, the first would be above water relaxing and calming your mind through stretching your body to adapt to the fluidity of the water.Prepping to merge with the water for your photoshoot.Then pranayama or meditative breathing in the pool and dipping your head down lightly to get used of letting all your air out as you float down and pose for the camera.We practice posing above water for the boudoir shoot then go down in the water and do them. Yes, It is a process but so worth it.

Underwater Boudoir Photography, one of my loves : )

I fell in love with underwater boudoir photography during my first photoshoot.True magic.If your interested in doing an underwater boudoir photography session please feel free to contact us w would be happy to answer all questions.

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